Online Shopping Combatting a Threat to Privacy

The technological growth and development of the world today has its pros and cons. Ease of accessibility of all kinds of stuff in just one click is one of the biggest benefits that the technological age has brought for the users of the 21st century. Online shopping stores however also pose a big threat to your privacy. However, stores like alternative clothing online have strong privacy policies to protect consumers.


How to protect privacy while shopping online?

While shopping online you are regularly required to share a lot of your private and confidential information. So how can the information that you share be protected from scammers, frauds and stalkers? Well that’s easy!

  • While shopping online remember to read the privacy policy of that webpage. Privacy policies and customer information agreements protect you against credit card fraud.
  • Read and understand the access privileges that the application asks for and rights for accessing and using information shared on that webpage and application.
  • Always shop from secure webpages. If the security certificate of the online shop is expired or not available, avoid shopping from there and sharing personal information.
  • Use good anti-virus and malware software to protect your PC and smart phone. This software not only protects your data but also identifies any unwanted or irregular activity.

Since you share a lot of personal information, credit or debit card details, other important information, you need to properly protect yourself. It’s better to be protected then sorry. 

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