Physical Violence and Personal Injuries: Differentiation Elements

Physical violence and personal injuries are the crimes that offend the physical or psychological integrity of a person and form two independent species of crime, each one with different characteristics.

Anyone who strikes anybody, if the event does not derive in a disease of the body or mind, is punished upon complaint of the victim, with imprisonment or a fine.

This provision, however, does not apply when the law considers violence as a constituent element of another offense. Even the shock can be defined, therefore, as an act of violence without grave consequences.

The psychological element of the crime is the conscious desire to injure somebody. The act of producing physical violence implies a conduct of commission. For the conduct of omission may respond in competition, anyone who has not prevented an act of physical violence despite having the legal duty to avoid that event.

The act of beating, or performing any other act of physical violence, indicates a precise mode of action and identifies a typical conduct, which is punishable by criminal law.

The victims of the physical violence are advised to seek immediate medical and legal assistance. In terms of legal assistance, if you’re a victim of any form of personal injuries, contact an Injury Lawyer at Zwick Law.


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