How to Choose Table Cloths for Round Tables?

Table cloths are considered to be very important accents in a dining table, whether for special occasions or for everyday use. There are many choices when it comes to table cloths, so you have to be sure before you buy the one that will serve as a perfect accent in your dining area.  

In occasions that require large number of guests, the tables should be able to accommodate the guests that will come. Usually, in formal occasions like weddings, elegant dinners, and banquets, the tables used are good for 10 persons each table. Round tables are usually used to maximize the space. With this, a 120 round table cloth should be used because it fits well with a 60-inch round table. Also with this size of table cloth, the drop will be 30 inches giving a very formal look since the table cloth will fully drape to the floor. A 120 round table cloth can also be used to a 72-inch round table but the drop will be smaller.  

In choosing the best round table cloth to be used, you should consider if you’re going to use it for a long time or just for one occasion. If you think you can use it more than once, you should buy a table cloth with a neutral color so that it can fit all occasions and motif. You can just accessorize the table with runners or overlays to fit the motif or the occasion. If you are going to use the table cloth only once, you can choose the color motif of the event.

You should also check the quality of the table cloth. If you are going to buy a fabric table cloth, you should choose high thread count table cloth to ensure that it will last long. This will be very helpful so that you don’t have to buy table cloths that often. You should also consider the type of fabric that you will buy since fabric table cloths are made from different kinds of fabric. You can choose over cotton, silk, satin, polyester, and taffeta. Silk and satin are perfect for formal occasions, so you can use them if you are holding a formal event. Polyester and cotton are neutral materials so you can use them either for casual, semi-formal, or formal occasions.

The patterns and style of the table cloth is also important. You should choose the style that will fit the occasion. Some styles are very casual that you can’t use them in elegant gatherings. If you want a printed table cloth, make sure that the prints are suitable to the event so that the table will not be an eyesore to the guests.

Whatever occasion you are planning to organize, a 120 round table cloth will be the perfect choice for you if you are going to use 60-inch round tables. Remember to choose the table cloth according to the occasion.


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