Variable Speed Drive System

This machine offers a front wheel propelling system. It is easy to get the speed of the device changed quickly too. This means that people can choose to have the speed changed in accordance to the kind of terrain that the mower has to cover. At the same time, people can choose to get the speed changed in accordance to their preferences.

Cub Cadet System

The machine offers a mower deck that is made of steel. It is 21 inches in width which means that it can be expected to successfully cover a wider area. The three in one system offers the users there choices to ensure that they will be able do superior mulching, side discharging or rear bagging- depending on how they would want to use the grass clippings. The machine offered a deck washing system for high pressure. There is also a bushel that can be used for dust blocking.

Industrial Treading Wheels

The machine offers ball-bearing rear wheels that measures 11 inches and wheels on the front that measures 8 inches. This is a really efficient feature as this means that the mower can easily move across different rains, even the ones that are considered to be quite uneven. People will be delighted over the fact that the machine is actually being offered with a warranty that should offer coverage for three years.

All in all, this is a handy machine to have around your tool shed especially if you have to perform regular mowing. It is reliable. It is efficient. It starts easy and definitely packs a huge load of power. It cuts very efficiently too and the mulching power is quite impressive. With its good price and its many features, this is a lawn mower that is definitely worth investing on. For more details of this lawn mower, visit

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