Free Forex Guide – What is Forex?

The Forex is the major financial trading market in the world. Between $1 and $2 trillion dollars are traded on the Forex every day, compared with about $25 billion dollars exchanged daily on the Fresh York Stock Exchange. The actual buying and selling is done through a dealer or broker.

Any time you buy shares in a particular company which means you are investing your money in that company. You hope the company will be successful and prosper, so the value of your shares increases. In just the same way, when you buy the currency of a particular country on the Forex, you are investing your money throughout the economy of that country. If the economy of the focus on country is healthy, then the value of your currency will increase, and you will make a profit. You can also avail customer service 7 days a week, if you have any query regarding forex.

Typically the Forex is not positioned in any one physical location. The entire foreign exchange market operates on a 24 hour time scale. It is run electronically through telecommunications links between centers in various countries.

The reason the Forex market is open 24 hours, is because whenever you want during the twenty four hours, a financial middle is open for business somewhere in the world. And because the foreign exchange market is open up around the clock, you can trade the Forex at any time that suits you best.

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