White-Water Rafting In Philippines

White-water rafting is the best thing that that has recently been introduced in the Philippines it is also considered one of the extreme sports of the area too. Places where you can go to experience white-water rafting are:


1. Davao

It is among the biggest river basins in Philippines. This river is a natural reservoir of the aquifer. It is 143kilometers long, going along with good number of streams. It is 60 to 90 meters in width. It is considered to moderate in difficulty level. Children above age 6 can also do this activity. Philippines group tours is something very frequent and many groups come here for rafting all year around.

2. Cagayan de Oro

This white-water rafting trek provides breathtakingly beautiful views of untouched vegetation, river rocky walls and animals in their natural habitat. It provides traveller with every experience that makes a trip unforgettable. It is one of the most famous locations for river rafting.

3. Quezon River Province

It is 40 kilometres long rapids that are full of scenic beauty and picturesque scenery. It allows travellers to enjoy true wilderness experience. After 10 kilometres of river becomes relatively calm this allows rafters to indulge in scenic beauty.

4. Chico River, Kalinga Province

It is considered to the umbilical cord for Kalinga’s. It is approximately 72 kilometres long. It is considered as one the finest location for river rafting. It provides river rafting schedules throughout the year. They also provide guide so that you do not get lost or get in trouble.

These are some of the rivers where river rafting can be experienced.

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