The Mysteries In Tokyo Ghoul

The first episode of the Tokyo Ghoul Anime is the conclusion to the epic battle in the first season. In this episode, there is also a major event in which Kaneki and the bad ghoul team of Aoigiri attack the security prison and succeed in their jail break. The episode is full of action as this prison is of course packed with maximum security. Even when we never really understand why they did what they did, but we do understand that they want to break into the prison again to break free this one really strong ghoul, and make him join the Aoigiri. But, remember that the series is a mystery, just like the The New Jim Crow Book, therefore although we know that the jailbreak is over, the prisoner whom they want to free has joined them or not.

Kaneki is unlike the others for he is a half ghoul, and we learn in this jail break that there are two other half ghouls, who used to be in the police, even. Another surprise for us: Kaneki uses his position in the evil team to feast himself on ghouls, and while it is no different than harming your own kind, this makes Kaneki immortal, and mindless, too. Another immortal and mindless one that we can recommend to you is the King in the Lord of the Rings Books in order book, a great read, I must say.

In Tokyo Ghouls, the story is streamlined with many worlds at once, with grand characters that are rarely seen in other series. Each and every one of them gets their share of the spotlight and enough development, as to express the author's idea of exploring the philosophy of a world of chaos. For now, we are hanging on another interesting event: the police has been tipped off that the ghouls are running a coffee shop, which they use as a cover. What will happen next? We can just wait and see. 

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