What are the differences between digital transcription and copy typing?

Before you hire some digital transcription service providing concern, it is imperative that you will have to understand the primary differences between the copy typing and transcription service. Though both of them may appear to be all the same from the surface, in reality there exist some substantial differences between these two and this, in turn, makes the digital transcription service much costlier when compared to copy typing.

Understanding the dissimilarities between copy and audio typing:

Copy typing refers to the conversion of the written documents into an organized Word document. It can come in two variants, namely, typed and handwritten versions. The cost of the service is dependent on the preciseness and clarity of the document file. So, any document that doesn't require any interpretation of editing would be much cheaper when compared to the ones that are illegible or difficult to understand.

Comprehending the function of transcription:

A conversion of the audio recording into a good quality typed document is referred to as transcription. It can be in form of audio tape, DVD, video or audio digital recording. There are many factors that contribute to the execution of the digital transcription job.

The comprehensibility of the whole content, as well as the various accents, are important in deciding the price of the transcription. The quality of the recording coupled with any special demands made by the clients also influences the price of the transcription.

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