How to Choose the Right Fitness Shirts


Fitness shirts should as hard as you do. And yes, it should look good as well. After all, isn’t it another motivator to get your exercising? But more than that, your fitness shirts should physically feel good on. And if you are looking for the right fitness shirts, you can read our tips here on how to choose the right fitness shirts. The right fitness shirt will be…

Activity appropriate

Although you could wear the same clothes for every type of workout you do, some types of exercise are more enjoyable and you will also be able to work better, harder or longer if you wear workout clothing that are activity appropriate.


Restrictive, tight sleeves, thick seams or a back that rides down when you lean forward, all of these are comfort issues that may make your workout experience less enjoyable. Try fitness shirts before you buy to make sure that you are as comfortable as possible. If you can’t try it directly, choose a size that fits you perfectly. Fitness shirt should be easily vented to prevent overheating, nonrestrictive and “forgettable” once they are on.

Highly visible and reflective

In case you exercise at sunrise or at night, or on poorly lit routes, your fitness shirt should make you visible to other road users. This means fitness shirt with bright colors as well as reflective strips. Black fitness shirt may help you to look skinnier, but it leaves you invisible to other road users in those situations.


Fitness shirts come in various materials. From cotton to scientifically designed synthetic fibers. You can choose cotton shirts as they are cheap, available and very comfortable. Or you can go for the synthetic fibers that help to keep your skin dry and comfortable.

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