The Benefits of Lumineers

The field of dentistry has made a number of advances. Today, the customer has a number of options to not only improve and restore normal functions of teeth, but also to improve his or her appearance. Lumineers represent one such advancement.  Just like veneers, those who want to get Lumineers have to visit the dental office for an initial appointment in which an impression is made and directed to a laboratory.

Lumineers are very similar to porcelain veneers. In fact, the only difference is the material from which they are manufactured. Lumineers are manufactured from a material called Cerinate, which is a special type of porcelain. They are also much thinner when compared to conventional porcelain veneers. If you want to know more about dental care then you can buy ‘facets’(also known as ‘facettes’ in French language)online.


Following are the few of the benefits of Lumineers:-

  • Lumineers patients have a natural-looking and permanent solution that is, well, permanent. Lumineers last at least 20 years, meaning you'll have the smile you've wanted for a long time FOR a long time.
  • One of the major benefit of using Lumineers over conventional veneers is that the surgical procedure is much simpler. It is also less painful. This is because the teeth need not be ground down to install the Lumineers.
  • Lumineers also cost less than conventional veneers. They usually cost 25% less than conventional veneers. However, costs will differ from dentist to dentist. The cost will depend on the condition of your teeth, fabrication costs and the dentist's fee.
  • The procedure used in implementing the lumineers is much better than veneers.


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