How Small Businesses Can Compete with Giants in SEO

How Small Businesses Can Compete with Giants in SEO

How can a small business, who has limited resources and experiences, compete with giants business in SEO? The goodnews is, SEO is no longer about sheer volume. That’s right. It is not about who has been on the web the longest or who has a lot of great contents. It is about which page or website is the most relevant for the searchers. Knowing that, here is how small businesses can compete with giants.


As a small business, one of the best things you can do is to specialize in a niche. You might’ve thought that the best way for search visibility is to cover as many areas as possible. However, if you are up to against big competitors, you need to take more of a niche focus. If you have several areas of specialization, it may give you relevance for a wide range of keywords. Your relevance for each of them will be low, though. So, if you put all of your effort into one or a handful of keywords, you will be able to achieve a much higher visibility. Which is, of course, good. NJ SEO Company

Personalize your social engagement

Step up the personal factor in your brand strategy. It will increase your chances of overcoming steep competition. Why? Let us explain. San Diego SEO Services

In general, large businesses usually lose a portion of their personalities when they hit a certain point in their growth. And here, being small and nimble gives you the advantage. How? By giving each of your followers a more personal, humane experience.

Become a recognized content publisher

The keys to building your brand through a content strategy are consistency and quality. Maximize the reach of each of your content that you publish to maximize your ROI. And, don’t forget to be consistent with your publication schedule to get more.

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