Dangers faced by Australia meat export

In the year 1981, a meat exchange scandal was raised where horse and kangaroo meat was being exported to overseas in place of beef, which put the meat exporting industry of Australia at a risk. The very next year Royal Commission investigated the mislabeling of meat products, which included fake halal forged certificates.

Today in Australia only certain halal entities are allowed to provide halal meat certification for red meat products and red meat which are then exported to Saudi Arabia, Indonesia, Malaysia, Qatar, United Arab Emirates, and several other parts of the world, especially to the Muslim countries.

The Indonesian Ulema Council (MUI) has been approached by different Australian Agencies to develop bodies for specific Australian Certification arrangements to make sure that halal meat is being exported to the world.

As approval, Indonesia stated that there must be both expert and scientist in Islamic law working within the Australian organization providing halal authorization. 

The country is no longer at a risk of being a blacklisted exporter of the halal meat product or meat supplier. The authorities present to make sure that the products that are exported to other countries are secure and according to the laws of Islamic Sharia. The forgery of halal labels and illegal use of the halal label is kept under good observation since then.

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