Safety Dangers of Traditional Blinds

Many homes make use of traditional indoor blinds and shutters – you know the kind; they have a long cord that is used to open and close the blinds to let in more or less light. The reason so many people use these is because they're inexpensive and fairly neutral. To know more about plantation shutters Sydney, via .


One standard set will match essentially anything in the home. What many people don't know, however, is that these traditional blinds can be extremely hazardous to unattended children.

Unfortunately, children are killed each year because they become entangled in the cords to the blinds and end up choking or suffocating. The Consumer Product Safety Commission and the Window Covering Safety Council have been working together for years in an effort to put in place regulations for the manufacturing of these blinds in order to make them safer. The fact of the matter is, though, that a lot of the responsibility lies in the hands of parents.

Knowing every possible danger and being prepared for any type of situation, as a parent, is impossible. But to greatly reduce the safety risks that these blinds can have in a household, there a few preventative measures that parents can take, according to the WCSC.

 For one, all furniture should be kept away from these sorts of blinds, which includes cribs and beds or anything that a child could stand on to reach the cords. When not in use, the cords should be tied up out of reach.

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