Saving Printing Costs On Flyers

Printing costs of flyers can be very costly, especially because these flyers are usually printed in large quantities. Thus, for companies using flyers as a means of advertising, these printing costs are significantly large and can eat up their advertising budget. Therefore, we provide a guide for saving printing costs on flyers used particularly for advertising. Here is how you can save money in the process:

  • Purchasing packages

Most businesses offering services for printing advertising flyers usually have packages available for their customers which help reduce costs through bulk buying. If these advertisements can be used over longer time periods, and are not advertising a limited time offer, printing larger quantities once can be cheaper than printing smaller quantities several times.


  • Materials

Depending on what your business stands for, you can choose the material for printing to help save costs. For example, for a company that is environmentally friendly, advertising flyers made out of recycled paper is not just a marketing gimmick but can also help save costs. Similarly, it isn’t always important to use expensive glossy paper for flyer advertisements.

  • Colors

While metallic printing is now an option you can avail, bi-color printing can help save costs. Using fewer color, and lesser text can help reduce the costs of printing a flyer advertisement. Going for a bi-color flyer or a standard four color flyers can help in reducing costs, where metallic and spot colors are not crucial.

Keeping these elements of flyer printing in mind is always a good idea when looking for minimizing printing costs.

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