What does a delay wipe do?

There are plenty of products that can give you a control over the premature discharge. The delay wipes are getting exponential popularity across the globe to delay the discharge process.

One of the great delay wipes is a Viaman delay wipe. Delay wipe can easily fit into your wallet and you can carry it very easily. It means that Viaman delay wipe can make you ready for the best time.

Viaman viper is also a very good product that does not only provide you a long satisfaction time but also improves the time you spend with your partner. Let’s see how the Viaman wipes work during the night when you are with your partner.

Each wipe is perfect for a session

The beauty of a delay wipe is that you need to only use one wipe for a session. Unlike delay sprays and gels, you do not need to measure the quantity of the product. Just use one wipe and that’s all for one session.

Settles into the Skin

Once you apply the delay wipe, it settles down to the skin easily and immediately. You do not need to rub the skin after applying it.


Viaman delay wipe is invisible. It means that no one can sense that you are using a delay wipe after applying it.

In short, Viaman delay wipe is a perfect product to increase the discharge time.

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