What Is Trezor Hardware Wallet All About?

Basically, TREZOR is a small computer. It is intended to defend your private keys from probable online and offline perils. 

In defend your private keys TREZOR is specifically designed to keep the private keys away from the Internet and settles the transactions in-device. In this manner, you can regularly check the screen for the correct address, transaction fee, along with correct amount before sending your BITCOINS.

In layman's terms you can link TREZOR to an operating system that is infected and still you will able to have 100% access over the cash in your device.

But what is the role of TREZOR hardware wallet?

It doesn’t matter that you have heard about Bitcoin for the first time or already a safety expert, TREZOR is a Digital Currency Hardware Wallet, which is designed for everybody. 

You will be really happy to read that Trezor isn't a hardware wallet of BITCOIN; but, no you can store Litecoin, Ether, ZCash, Dash, and Ethereum digital currencies with your Trezor.

Trezor hardware wallet offers you freedom from viruses and key loggers. Gone are the days, when you used to update regular backups, used to read encryption manuals, printing paper wallets, and making off-line storage….Not any more.  

The Trezor is not just a cryptocurrency hardware wallet, but you can even utilize it as a PIN (password) manager, a two Factor verification device, or protected SSH admittance to your servers.

In short, Bitcoin is safe by design. Your only job is to learn to use this tool without causing yourself any risk. Most importantly, you need your own TREZOR wallet.

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