The Ins and Outs of Door Thresholds

Thresholds – A Closer Look into Their Functionality, Benefits, Types and Purchase Considerations

Heard about thresholds but not sure what they are or what are there benefits? If so, then you are at the right place since our focus here will be on examining various details related to thresholds so that you can make the right selection.

Thresholds – A Look into Functionality, Benefits, Types, and Purchase Considerations

Function of Thresholds

KN Crowder commercial thresholdsThe main task a threshold performs is of closing gap present between floor and the door. This helps in keeping snow, rain and air from entering the building. 
When used together with weather-stripping and door bottoms, it can be quite effective in properly sealing the openings as well as in protecting a building from effects of weather and insects. Moreover, it can also be useful in prevention of smoke infiltration or sound transmission.

Benefits of Thresholds

Let us now go through some benefits of installing thresholds:
• It helps in keeping cold air out in winter, thus helping to reduce your energy bills. Similarly, in summer it will help to hold conditioned air within the building.
• They also have aesthetic significance since thresholds like the KN Crowder commercial thresholds help in smoothing out transition from one flooring to another. 
As for example, if tile and carpet meet at the doorway then the joint's appearance can be improved by using threshold.
• These can have built in weather-stripping or door seals made using neoprene or vinyl to provide complete door sealing system.

Types of Thresholds

Thresholds can be of different types, let us look at common types in this section:
• Wooden Thresholds: These improve aesthetic appeal of your door and ideal for doors which are not exposed to natural elements.
• Aluminum Thresholds: If the threshold will have direct contact with moisture and rain then such type of threshold will be the right option.

Purchase Considerations

There are several aspects you need to keep into consideration while buying any type of thresholds. Let us go through some important considerations you should look into:
• It will be necessary to get right balance between safety as well as accessibility and threshold's weatherizing features. 
If your building is open for public access then you need to ensure that the commercial thresholds (like the KN Crowder commercial thresholds) have a maximum height of 1/2” for interior doors while the height should be at most 3/4” in case of exterior openings.
• To ensure safe wheelchair access to your building, you need to make sure that threshold's slope in no more than 1:2. 
Similarly, to avoid any likely trip hazard, you need to purchase thresholds which are flatter and also shallower with the least amount of slope.
• To get maximum thermal efficiency you need to look for commercial thresholds that are full PVC since they have minimal u-values.

A Final Note

To conclude it can be said that there are numerous benefits of installing thresholds in a commercial building. All you have to do is perform some amount of analysis to find the right type of thresholds according to your requirements.

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