Top Dishes To Eat At The Western Front

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The Western Front covers several European countries such as France, Belgium and Italy. These countries serve a wide variety of food. If you ever find yourself a part of Australian Western Front Tours, then here are some dishes for you to try out.

1. Ratatouille

A classic French dish, Ratatouille is composed of tomatoes, eggplants, onions, zucchini, bell peppers and other vegetables. Stewed and entirely vegetarian, this item is perfect for those who are not fond of meat. Ratatouille is a warm dish that you should definitely try when visiting the southeast of France.

2. Belgian Fries

Belgium is thought to be the originator of fries, so if you ever visit the country, it is only fitting that stop to eat some. Fries are commonly sold at food stands and restaurants, and are served in a cardboard cutout which takes the shape of a cone and is wrapped in paper. They are typically eaten with a sauce such as aioli, which is a garlic mayonnaise.

3. Risotto

Risotto is one of the most common rice dishes in Italy. Prepared in a broth, a Risotto can be served with a wide array of ingredients, from meats to vegetables, and is usually garnished with saffron. This famous dish is known for its strong flavors and is certain to make your taste buds sing!

4. Rote grütze

In the north of Germany, Rote grütze is a popular pudding made from black and red currants, raspberries and even cherries. It is typically served with ice-cream and is a delicious dessert worth trying.

This variety of Western Front dishes is sure to give your taste buds an experience worth remembering.

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