How to Protect Yourself From Vacation Fraud

An Insight into Different Types of Vacation Rental Scams and How Vacationers Can Protect Themselves from Fraudsters

Planning a vacation? Want to book that beautiful vacation rental property you always dreamed of staying in during your holidays? Well, before you move ahead and make any payment it will be important to do proper checks to be sure that it is not a fake listing. 
Let us look at few of the things you should examine before booking any vacation rental. We will also examine some common scams that vacationers often fall prey to.

Vacation Rental Scams and Things to Check

Haliburton vacation rentalsCheck References:

Ask the owner for references of guests who stayed at the rental to check how was the experience during their stay at the vacation rental. A real vacation property owner will not be hesitant to divulge these details if he doesn't have anything to hide. 
A scammer however, will not be able to share such details and as such, help you steer clear of such fraudulent listings of Haliburton vacation rentals.

Examine Utility Bills:

Another thing you can do to verify ownership of the rental is to ask whether it will be possible for the owner to show any utility bill which proves ownership of the rental. 
This way you can be sure that the vacation rental is actually owner by the person and is not a fake listing.

Ask for Booking Contract:

You should also receive a booking contract at the time you decide to go ahead and book the rental. Such booking contract would clearly mention the rules and regulations you need to follow. 
Moreover, you should ask the owner whether you can sign and send the contract by post to physical address of the owner instead of emailing the same and help you validate address of the rental.

Types of Scams

There are different types of scams that travelers interested in booking Haliburton vacation rentals need to be aware of. Here we will look at particularly two common types of scams that you need to be wary of.

Fake Advert Scam

Here fraudsters create fake listing on vacation rental listing sites for Haliburton vacation rentals that do not exist. To create such listing they make use of information and photographs copied from other genuine listings on a website. 
The scammers offer great deals on those listings to lure unsuspecting vacationers but with a condition that they have to either pay the full rental amount or make a large deposit by wire transfer.
As soon as you make the payment, the scammers simply vanish with your money. 

Phishing Scam

In a phishing scam the fraudster somehow gets access to owner's login details on vacation rental listing portal or his email account. After that the scammer starts communicating directly with vacationers who are interested in booking that vacation rental.
Vacationers are provided exciting rental offers and then asked to wire transfer the deposit money and then, as you may guess, quickly vanish after payment is made.


To conclude it can be said that spending holidays at a vacation property will be an enjoyable experience when you do proper research and select the right property.

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