Tips for Buying the Right Door Handle

4 Useful Tips on Purchasing the Right Door Handle

Looking to buy internal door handles? Not able to decide which option would be right for you? If so, then you are at the right place since this is the topic we will explore in the following sections. Here we will look at few of the details which you need to check at the time of purchasing door handles. So, let us delve into the details here.

Whic to Choose – Door Knobs or Door Handles?

internal door handlesThe choice will primarily depend upon your personal preferences. Selection will also be based on functionality you prefer to have, as for instance, whether you like the push down movement of internal door handles or the turn movement of knobs.

The Mechanism – Latch or Lock?

Before making a purchase it will also be important to figure out whether you will require door handle to have functionality of just a latch or need to have a lock.
For an internal door, there are locks available which have an emergency turn system that you can use to unlock the door from outside in case of an emergency.

Unsprung or Sprung Door Handles

Spring helps the internal door handles return to their position after being pushed down. Here it will necessary for you to understand that this spring may be present inside the latch or within the handle itself.
Door handles available nowadays usually have the spring. If you decide to select one which does not have a spring then you will have to check that the latch itself has a strong spring since this spring will have to perform required task.
Moreover, there are internal door handles which you do not have to turn for opening a door, they work as door pulls. These are simply screwed on the door and do not go through a latch or lock.

Types of Door Handles

There are basically two types of internal door handles you can choose from, these are:
Door Handles with Deep Backplates: Deep backplates can be used for setting the door handles and help in covering up lock hole. This way, you do not have to use a key hole cover or an escutcheon for this purpose. 
Moreover, they also make the door handle look very tidy and elegant. They provide better functionality as well. For instance, emergency release set can be used on a bathroom deep backplate to achieve desire result with relative ease without requiring any special arrangement.
• Door Handles with Small Backplates: These function like door knobs and here backplate serves a decorative purpose and can have a square or round shape. 
In addition to it, if you are using these small backplates then it will be necessary to utilize a separate escutcheon for covering up the lock hole.

A Final Note

As we can see, there are several aspects to be checked to find the right door handle which will match your personal preferences. By investing some amount of time and by performing required analysis, you will certainly be able to find the right door handle.

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