How To Choose A Brand Name

Among the first cases, every marketer encounters when launching a new brand is choosing a name for this. Naming is vital in the entire brand system for at least three reasons: first, it’s the first point of contact that your visitors have with your brand, and you simply want to produce a first good impression.

Second, a well-chosen name strengthens the brand setting in your brain of the buyer. You can also browse the web to get more information about catchy business names online.

And third, the name you select has a primary effect on your brand building budget, as some brands are much easier to connect than others.

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Brand names belong to 3 categories: family brands, semi-descriptive titles, initials.

 Family brands, as the explanation means, means that the brand is known as after its creator.

Semi-descriptive titles provide some information about the commodity or its uses. Familiar brands which may have implemented this naming strategy are Craftsman, Intel, Microsoft, and MasterCard. Advantages: this naming strategy is very “end-user friendly” and easy to converse.

Initials are a group of letters without evident link with the product/service being advertised. This strategy can be used by well-established companies rather than suggested for new entries to the marketplace.

Advantages: initials are incredibly distinctive and easy to keep in mind.

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