Different Types of Cable Ties

Cable ties otherwise also known as zip ties are easily available in huge variety. Some of these are designed for home use while others are designed to tolerate extreme temperatures and hold heavy material.


Following are some types of cable ties that are frequently used in daily life:

1. Nylon Zip Ties

These are commonly used in homes and in industries. This type of ties can easily stand temperature from 40 to 185 Fahrenheit. These are easily available in various sizes, colours, tensile strength and lengths. The main purpose of using them is to sort and manage cables and wires especially at home.

2. Stainless Steel Zip Ties

This kind of ties is usually used in industries and on construction site. This is because these can easily survive in extreme temperatures and harsh environment. These can withstand temperature from -100 to 1000 Fahrenheit and has a tensile strength of 100 pounds.  

3. Halar ties

This type of cables ties is also known as plenum cable ties. These are considered to be the most durable type of ties dues to which these are usually used in the chemical environment, nuclear plants, telecommunications equipment, extreme temperatures and aerospace. Apart from that they emit very less amount of smoke when burnt and are resistant to radiation. The tensile strength of these ties depends on their size which usually is between 18 and 50 pounds.

Apart from these resealable ties are also used commonly. The good thing about these ties is that they can easily be reused for various purposes. These are available in plastic and stainless steel materials.

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