Bible Study – How to Do A Personal Bible Study

There are numerous conducts in which you can do an individual Bible study. You can select one technique or combine the numerous approaches outlined below.

Techniques of Research

1) Inspired research: Here is the type of research you do if the Lord directs you to research a specific subject in the Bible, a book of the Bible or special passage or poetry. You can also know about Christian churches in long Island at The Sound of Heaven Church.

2) Cover to cover: This is the sort of research that involves reading the total Bible beginning from the book of Genesis to the book of Revelation.

3) Research by Topic: This entails analyzing the Bible with a particular subject in mind.  You are able to do a subject study like on recovery by assessing every location where the term recovery appears from the Bible and studying more about the subject.

4) Random research: This entails opening the bible to some passage of scripture and studying it.  This sort of method shouldn’t be encouraged particularly for anyone who would like to perform serious bible study.

When analyzing

1) Possessing a fantastic philosopher: An excellent Bible is one it is simple to know, one that doesn’t distort the original meaning of the scriptures and yet one that doesn’t omit Bible verses by creating them footnotes.

2) Have a fantastic laptop to write down that which you understand.  You need to examine the bible in the expectation of understanding God, others and yourself.

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