Types of Small Vacuum Cleaners

The small cleaner is very suitable for quick clean up but not for heavy-duty cleaning. There are generally lightweight and hence it’s easy to manuever and you can use it to clean the tight places like under the furniture’s, or cleaning car interior, stairs, curtains, etc.

Other than canister vacuum cleaners, small vacuum cleaners range includes cordless vacuum cleaners, wet/dry vacuum cleaners and handheld vacuum cleaners.

Cordless Vacuum Cleaners:

Cordless small size vacuum cleaners are very easy to use and extremely flexible. Usually we also refer it as a stick vacuum or electric broom. You can use them in any room without socket and you can enjoy your cleaning task with staying away from the annoying wires.

Nowadays, the lightweight stick vac also very powerful and it’s very suitable for those that suffering back pain or senior citizens .

Wet/Dry Vacuum Cleaners:

These kind of small vacuum cleaners are highly in use because they might be used several times a day to clean up the dry pickups and they even give you the option of cleaning the liquid spills. If you have children then wet/dry small vacuum cleaner is a big blessing. It comes with a bag for vacuuming dry trash and with a tank to vacuum the liquid spill. It is also available in hand held versions.

Hand held Vacuum cleaners:

Hand held vacuum cleaners have unlimited uses and also the most popular type of small cleaners. They are most suitable to be used around the home, in the car or caravans. However, this type of cleaner is not suitable for large areas or heavy-duty cleaning.

Hose and lead length in small size vacuum cleaners:

Hose length determines the amount of stretch in the vacuum cleaner and the lead length is determined with how often the plug socket is required to be changed.

Although hose length is lesser in small size vacuum cleaners to reach the whole flight of stairs as compared to large vacuum cleaners but due to their small size and light weight it is easy to it with you over stairs.

The lead length is also lesser in small size vacuum cleaners as compared to large size vacuum cleaners but they are the right option for cleaning task unless you do not have any problem with replugging in different sockets.

Small vacuum cleaners are quieter!!!

Small size vacuum cleaners are less noisy as compared to upright or large vacuum cleaners. The large vacuum cleaners have high suction power as compared to small size vacuum cleaners and usually noise is directly proportional to the amount of power in the case of vacuum cleaners.

In a nut shell, our range of small size and light weight vacuum cleaners gives you a smart and easy solution for your house and car’s cleaning.

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