5 Amazing Positive Dog Training Tips

No matter how long a person has been a pet owner, there are always new dog training tips to pick up along the way. The learning process is never over for canine or human – and a refresher course could never hurt, either!

1. Be Prepared with Rewards

What is your loveable companion’s favorite thing in the world? Is it food? Play? Attention? Whatever it is, make sure to stay well stocked at all times! This magic ingredient is not to be used as a bribe, but as a reinforcement to let your pup know that good things come to those who behave!

2. The Clicker Works Wonders

Rewards, on their own, can only do so much. When it comes to communication, humans and canines are only barely compatible. There is a tool that can help: clicker training for dogs revolves around using a sound cue, a clicker, to mark the precise moment that a desired behavior is exhibited. Unlike the voice, a clicker is a consistent, reliable way to let your pup know exactly why she has received the reward so that she can do it again.

3. Watch Out for Bad Advice

This one is a toughie. Nobody wants to disagree with a family member or friend, but sometimes even well-intentioned dog training tips should be quietly disregarded. We’ve all been there: dog jumps on visitor, host instructs visitor to simply push the dog off. The simple fact that the dog was jumping in the first place is a good indicator that the suggestion hasn’t paid off thus far. Same goes for the nearby spray bottle – if it worked, it would never need to be refilled.

4. Beautiful Consistency

We, as owners, must be vigilant! Sure, those puppy eyes may be cute, and maybe “just once wouldn’t hurt”, but it sure doesn’t help! Whether the problem is crate-whining or food-begging, the behavior mistakes must be ignored while the positive actions are rewarded. Every little goof-up simply requires more time and effort to undo. This is likely one of the most frequent tips found in all dog training guides that is willingly disregarded, and we’re all guilty of it.

5. Be on the Lookout for Good Behavior

The best opportunity to utilize any dog training tips you may know is actually between sessions. It really helps to cement the desired behaviors. Even if your pooch is simply lounging in the kitchen while you’re putting away groceries, a bit of affection can do wonders to show her that you appreciate the action. Be careful about these unexpected rewards, though. If it is a grocery snoop that you are dealing with, a food treat may not be appropriate for that particular time.

Armed with positive, constructive dog training tips, there are no boundaries to the bonding that will inevitably take place between pet and owner. When the fear of harsh reprimand is removed from a canine’s life, the possibilities for exploration and creativity always prove to be much more exciting than rigid, fearful obedience! If you are still unsure how you can train your dog in a positive and beneficial way, then please read this guide.


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