Knowing More About Single DIN Head Unit Car Stereos

Single DIN head unit car stereos refer to car radio or stereo openings with a size of 2” x 8” that radios can fit into, as opposed to a double din with a size of 4” x 8”.  The acronym DIN stands for Duetch Industri Normen, a term started by the Germans to standardized car radios in the mid- 80s.

Because of their size, single DIN head units or also known as 1-DIN car radios, usually offer the basic audio features to your car like a CD player and a radio which means they are also cheaper in price. Double DINs usually are more appropriate for advanced audio features like touch screens as explained on different websites. However, you can also choose to upgrade your single DIN head unit car stereo with a slide-out screen.

If you want to replace your existing single DIN car radio with a new one, then definitely the easiest way you can do this is by purchasing a single DIN aftermarket unit. These can be easily installed and adjusted in almost any single DIN unit slot. You can check out different websites that review single DIN car radios to help you choose which one is right for you.

On the other hand, if you are planning to replace a single DIN to a double DIN, this might be more complicated. Since double DIN head units are two times the height of single DIN head units, it should really require you to evaluate the availability of space in your dash. You have to make sure that there is extra space that you can fit a double DIN, and that space is actually safe to have a new unit installed into. If not, it might just lead to complications.

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