Breast Cancer Treatment and Aspirin

Many media and reports lately have emphasized what appears like a connection between taking low dose aspirin daily and a decreasing rate of growth of several types of breast cancer.

The majority of the studies have looked at the danger of developing estrogen receptor-positive breast cancer – which can be just 1 kind of breast cancer – another kind may or may not be affected by taking aspirin.

The scientists who looked at this question revealed that the opportunity for creating oestrogen receptor-positive breast cancer had been significantly reduced by roughly 16 per cent in people who took a low dose of aspirin per day but wasn't reduced for all those girls who happened to take other anti-inflammatory drugs. Some drugs like Taxotere drug can cause hair loss problem and victims may file Taxotere lawsuit via

Previous authors had believed it may be a result of inflammation which was significant but this research appears to go contrary to that – indicating that it is something related to aspirin itself rather than only the medication anti-inflammation properties.

Breast Cancer Treatment and Aspirin

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Most experts believe the 16% decrease in risk is small as well as that the decrease in risk was revealed for a single subtype of breast cancer and also for a single dose of one drug kind – aspirin – indicates that additional study is necessary.

In addition, they point out other research which has demonstrated conflicting results, together with the implication it is too soon to be indicating that aspirin might be a method of decreasing the risk of breast cancer.

Additionally, it is important not to overlook that a normal daily use of aspirin doesn't take its own threat. It can cause irritation to the stomach lining and increased risk of bleeding and ulceration – with older patients often sensitive to them. 

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