What to Expect at an Allergy Skin Test

Allergy skin testing is a simple, painless way to discover if you are suffering from allergies.

What can you expect in a skin test?

The test is to determine what allergens are affecting you.

It is a safe and painless test and will give you an insight into what can be causing the problem.  In many cases, it's a trigger factor, and your allergist will look to not only find a way of curing it but advise you on prevention also. Click here to find the best allergist Adelaide

Avoid Antihistamines Before the test.

Look to stop any intake of Antihistamines around five days before an allergy test. They are explicitly designed to slow down or even try to stop your allergy, thus making any test results inaccurate and null and void.

What Happens in the Test?

It's a comfortable procedure not requiring a needle.

The allergist will drop various allergens onto your skin assessing the body's response. These allergens could be anything from pollens to dust mites.

There are two steps that usually take around 1 hour.


The nurse will clean the arms free of germs before commencement.

The allergens are placed on the tip of a small instrument and pressed onto the skin leaving a small drop of each allergen being used. For small children, allergists tend to use their back not their arm. The allergist will then draw circles around each spot cataloguing each one for later.


After 20-30 minutes your arm will be checked for any reaction like redness or swelling.  During the wait, you will be informed of various symptoms, therapies and a general question and answer session, so you are well versed on what's next.

After the observation period, details will be logged, and any itching or soreness from the reaction will be treated with the appropriate cream or wipe.

Will I get a Reaction?

Most of the test sites will disappear quickly if you do have a reaction try not to scratch or irritate it further.  Once complete the allergist will give you an allergy medicine to assist with any discomfort. 

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