Customer demands the product as per his specifications


There are varieties of everything and as the technology is growing it is making the product more versatile. People are demanding better version of everything. Similarly, the varieties in lanyards have also increased. There are different kind of lanyards with different qualities and characteristics.

The Common Function Lanyard: These are easily available and though they have wide varieties, they have functional and operational role. Their main purpose is to take care of person’s belongings like ID cards, USB, mobile phone and similar other things. Customizations are also provided in these kinds of lanyard.

Stylish Modern Lanyard: These lanyards are being purchased for specific purpose of style. Beaded lanyards come in this category as they look stylish and good. Looks of these lanyards are much important that many times expensive material are used in these lanyards. Promotional lanyards are specifically stylish as they focus on brand image of the company.

The Traditional Military Lanyard: They have specifically manufactured for military officers so that they do not loose their important documents or other belonging. They have come up in huge demand because they have military background, and this has made people pay huge money for purchasing them for their personal collection.

The Woven Cultural Lanyards: Even though military lanyards are expensive, nothing is more expensive than a truly antique woven lanyard. People need this coveted lanyard because of the aspect that they are cultural representation of olden days.

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