Is Castration Recommended to Stop Cats Spraying?

I have seen a lot of online cat experts who recommend neutering as a method on how to stop cats spraying. They say that if a male cat becomes mature, then it would definitely start spraying every now and then for marking territory inside the house. So, they recommend neutering the cats as a method to stop them from spraying if they are not neutered already.

When a cat is castrated, the testosterone levels in the cat’s body get reduced. If the testosterone levels in the body are low, then the cat would naturally not have the desire to spray urine just to mark territory. This method actually works and many cat owners are using this method to stop cats spraying.

All said and done, if you ask real cat owners, they would have strong opinions against neutering male cats. If castration is done to a human being, it is a crime. Then how is it acceptable if it is done to a cat? Instead of neutering, you might as well kill your cats because neutering is cruel as killing.

While there are better ways which can get cats to stop spraying, there is no need for anybody to castrate their cats. Soon, there is going to be a law against castration.

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