Antique Area Rug Fringe is Important and should be Well Maintained

Antique rugs are unique and made to last for quite a while. They are a bit of history and art. A lot of people think the fringes on those antique area rugs are simply put on for looks, but they really serve a purpose.

Owners of carpets often examine the fringe as being at the way since it can become really cluttered, look tattered, and is very difficult to place clean or keep looking great. For getting more information about rug cleaning services you can visit

They get in the way of vacuuming and regular maintenance, which can damage the whole rug. Finding a classic rug with no fringes is very difficult and there's a fantastic reason why.

Fringes are in fact the framework of this rug. Each fringe runs through the carpet into the other hand and holds it together. The fringes are tied into a tassel at each end for more support. These collections of tassels are exactly what make the rug sturdy and durable.

Other carpets have binding on all sides. While this might be a bit more convenient in the house and simpler for cleaning, it makes the carpet less durable. The binding may get loose making the main part of the rug more delicate.

 A carpet cleaning service may clean the fringes for you and ensure they stay undamaged. A company which has expertise with Persian rug cleaning may handle any cleaning or repairs which need to be done into the fringes or any other part of your rug.



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